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StarStrife is a singer, songwriter & producer, hailing from the rainy city of Portland, Oregon. She moved to LosAngeles to pursue her passion for music, abandoning a prospective career in competitive fighting in the process.

Star is a self-proclaimed "dreamer to the point of delusion" heavily influenced by musical artists across many genres, classical literature & music; her latin heritage, a life time of chronic night-terrors, anime & video games. Her style, because of this, can be difficult to pin down. Her music has been compared to Nine Inch Nails, Kim Wan Sun, Florence & the Machine, & many more. Star & her team have decided on Neo-Trip-Hop & Dark Wave for now, with a heavy emphasis on the Hip-Hop element.

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Blue Spirit, a high concept album with the help of her heavily decorated mentor/engineer, Joel Numa. The project was written, produced,& recorded in a shoe-box of a practice studio in Portland with poor ventilation& even worse soundproofing.

All 10 songs tackle  the theme of the project from a different angle… the unavoidability of morality.

Blue Spirit asks the questions,"if one is evil, have they always been evil, must they remain evil? Can one truly oppose one's nature?" The rest is for you to decide.


Born in Seattle and raised in Los Angeles, DANTE is a rapper and producer, known for his abrasive yet slimey rap style and jarring production style. His music, deeply rooted in his Korean-American heritage, reflects a blend of influences - from the experimental edge of Yeezus and The Prodigy to the intricate sounds of Nicolas Jaar and James Blake, and raw inventive style of Korean artist Nochang. This diverse range of inspirations fuels his work, allowing him to craft a sound that's introspective yet bold, setting him apart in the world of rap and production.


STXXX, the inaugural self produced album from DANTYMN comprised of duo DANTE and TYMN, emerges as a defiant and jarring musical experience, artfully melding the gritty essence of 1980s Chicago acid-house, the vibrant melodies of early 2000s pop, the raw energy of 1990s industrial music, and the slick, melodic flows characteristic of artists like Future, Young Thug, and Playboi Carti. This album stands out as a bold, confrontational work, brimming with a fusion of intense electro, maximalist hip-hop, haunting piano, and the relentless grind of industrial mechanics. This album is a sonic rebellion against the repetitive, loop-based productions that dominate contemporary trap music, infusing it with an unparalleled energy and distinctive style. DANTYMN's STXXX is not just music; it's a four-dimensional sonic experience, an audacious protest against the mundane and conventional. With its eclectic sampling, ear-shattering beats, and slick, slimey rap verses, the album redefines the sonic landscape, offering listeners an unapologetically immersive and electrifying journey.

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